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Steam room «Panska Vtiha»

Since a long time ago bath was much more than a place for a simple solid purification . It was present like ritual and was associated with  complete man release  from entire excess physically and spiritually. Bath helped Slavs to be strong and healthy, it protects from many diseases by stimulating spirit and body.

“Panska vtiha” invites the judges of the light steam our hot bath gives an  excellent leisure and also you can make yourself healthy with oak brush-twigs . Here reigns an untouched atmosphere of village civilization, where with great  care  are stored an ancient customs, which are the wisdom of our ancestors. We would like to present the steam room on firewood. The elegant houses which are  stylized under  old times where you can find everything for good leisure and excellent  pairing. In our homestead each felling is unique and has clearly expressed individuality. After stepping over through the doorstep, we are happy to present for guests our steam room on beechen firewood  with  outstanding, juniper and oak brush-twigs. We’ll make sure that you will enjoy pleasant interior of the building and  home atmosphere of our steam room.

The steam room   was the most medicinal force  from ancient times of centuries, capable to cure the  patients and to return them to cheerfulness and healthy lifestyle. The steam room on firewood, which is situated in village Holmok, and hotel-restaurant complex “Panska vtiha” – is yours best choice for relax and spend your free time . The hot steam room  with magic aroma, and  good wooden brush-twigs, creates  real pleasure. We have everything for you to feel comfortable and to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in steam room “ Panska vtiha”. After the hot and healthy procedure you can immerse your body into cool water. Our pool is kept out of sight  from  inquisitive eyes so  no one will not be able to interfere in your  sacrament of cleaning, and definitely will not interrupt your leisure. After this procedure your extreme tiredness will be removed as by hand, boredom and sadness will leave, your body will feel refreshing  and mind, thoughts - cleanliness.

Steam room “Panska vtiha”, which is situated on 813 kilometers of international highway “Kiev- Chop” in 5 km from the city Uzhgorod in village Holmok ( Svobody street, 50 “B”) – is an outstanding place to celebrate any kind of holiday, where you can provide at unformal conditions business negotiations, or also it is good place to spend your free time and take care of yourself and your family .


The building consists of two parts - the main (restaurant, steam room, hotel) and a party hall. It designed with different styles of interior and different ways of relax.