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Transcarpathian cuisine

Restaurant “Panska vtiha” - is based on homemade and appetizing food products. All dishes ingredients in our restaurant are composed all together in very rich menu of Transcarpathian kitchen. The main and integral part of our restaurant is a skill of cookery.

You will agree that the traditional taste of cuisine is the special features of food preparation , are transferred through generations, and even simply level of the attention, given to dishes flavor properties - all this reflect differences from one culinary culture to another, contain sufficiently information about the meaning of life that is depending on our ancestors, the skill to use the natural resources for ourselves and also for our health as a whole. The primary task of our restauran - is to find holiday in everyday! The culinary prescriptions, which are located in our menu, are not random. Formula includes centuries-old evolutions, which gives to us excellent result of the correct products combination what makes our dishes very tasty, and from a biological point of view - content of nourishing components, fats, minerals, proteins and other substances which makes us feel better.

Transcarpathian kitchen under the effect of different historical factors was formed by the centuries (until 1945 territory were seized by European states). As a result we were obtained like an international area. Each of the national minorities that were populated our area, made altogether Transcarpathian kitchen, outstanding with special features. Tasty dishes, good mood, and comfortable atmosphere - the service of our restaurant “Panska vtiha” - will present to you the best sensations which you can obtain, being in Transcarpathian region!

Therefore we with happiness invite you to visit our restaurant “Panska vtiha”, which is located on 813 kilometers of international route “Kiev- Chop” in 5 km from the city Uzhgorod in the village Holmok ( Svobody street, 50 “B”), and to enjoy outstanding taste and variety of author's dishes from our chief- cook.


The building consists of two parts - the main (restaurant, steam room, hotel) and a party hall. It designed with different styles of interior and different ways of relax.